Mission & Mandate


We at Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS) strive to provide physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth, development and healing through culturally based values and guiding principles for Survivors, Families and Communities.


Mandate Of IRSSS:

To assist First Nation Peoples in British Columbia to recognize and be holistically empowered from the primary and generational effect of the residential schools by supporting research, education, awareness, establishing partnerships and advocating for justice and healing. The Society assists survivors with counselling, court support, information, referrals, workshops and more.


IRSSS Guiding Principles

Principle 1: Transform & Change

Principle 2: Development comes from within

Principle 3: Healing is necessary

Principle 4: Justice = Equal opportunity

Principle 5: Vision creates growth/healing

Principle 6: Authentic cultural development

Principle 7: Honor of one & all

Principle 8: Unity

Principle 9: Teamwork/participation

Principle 10: Respect

Principle 11: Spiritual Native

Principle 12: Moral & Ethical Values

Principle 13: Learning

Principle 14: Sustain & maintain strong foundation

Principle 15: Move to positive, turning the page

Principle 16: Be a role model